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Objectives 宗旨

  1. To promote and disseminate knowledge about state-of-the-art orthopaedic science and technology through exchange of information among members

  2. To promote discussion and dissemination of expertise and personal experience in orthopaedic research, surgery, and practice among members

  3. To formulate a global strategy for future development and establish our niche in the international orthopaedic scene

  4. To encourage members and participating institutions to create mutually beneficial networks

  5. To assist members in advancing their careers and research

  6. To foster fellowship and goodwill among all members

  1. 透過會員間資訊交流 ,促進及傳播現代骨科科學與技術

  2. 推動會員間就骨科研究、手術及執業方面的專業及個人經驗討論交流

  3. 制定未來發展的全球策略,並在國際骨科領域建立我們的地位

  4. 鼓勵會員及參與機構間建立互惠互利網絡

  5. 協助會員加強事業發展及研究

  6. 培養會員間的友好往來及聲譽

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