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The Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Society firmly believes in the dissemination of both well-established and novel orthopaedic information and practices. Members of the society have presented proposals to the society to translate essential orthopaedic textbooks to Chinese. Orthopaedic textbooks from leading orthopaedic clinicians and researchers contain essential orthopaedic information and practices; however, they are often published in English, making them somewhat inaccessible to Chinese orthopaedic specialists. The society has supported the translation of significant orthopaedic textbooks to Chinese in order to help Chinese orthopaedic clinicians and researchers remain at the forefront of orthopaedic practice.


Recently, the society was approached to help launch the Journal of Orthopaedic Translation. In conjunction with the International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society (ICMRS), the journal was launched in 2013, published by Elsevier. The quarterly publication presents novel orthopaedic translational research that aims to bridge the gap between basic orthopaedic science and clinical orthopaedic practice, filling an essential niche in the field. Rooted in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with Editors-in-Chief from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the publication is truly a Chinese endeavour to remain at the forefront of orthopaedic research. The journal has branched out globally, with an editorial board of leading orthopaedic scientists and clinicians from across Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia, ensuring that the published content is universally received and relevant.



最近,學會接獲請求協助開展骨科轉化期刊(Journal of Orthopaedic Translation)。連同國際華人骨研學會(ICMRS),期刊於2013年發佈,由愛思唯爾(Elsevier)出版。此季度期刊介紹新式骨科轉化研究,旨在彌補基本骨科科學與臨床骨科實踐之間的差距,佔骨科領域的重要地位。扎根香港與上海,總編輯來自香港及台灣,有關出版正是華裔為保持在骨科研究前列位置所作出的努力。期刊已於全球發佈,編輯委員會由亞洲、北美、歐洲及澳州的領先骨科科學家及臨床醫生組成,確保出版內容獲普遍接受且相關。

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