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Welcome Message from the President


Welcome to the homepage of the Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Society!


The society was established in 1994 with the key aim of uniting Chinese speaking orthopaedic specialists on a common platform. Chinese speaking orthopaedic specialists, including clinicians, researchers, and surgeons are now regionally spread over China, Taiwan, Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR, as well as globally in North America, Europe, and Australia. Our founders recognised an urgent need to unite these specialists and allow them to communicate and form novel collaborations within a mutual society. Since its inception, the society has gathered more than 500 members who are encouraged to create new connections with their Chinese-speaking orthopaedic counterparts and challenge the boundaries of orthopaedic research.


Following the establishment of the society, numerous research collaborations have been established between members, members have been able to establish themselves within the orthopaedic field and develop their careers, and members have published and translated books, organised events, and supported charitable contributions and initiatives. In 2013, the society was also proud to help establish the Journal of Orthopaedic Translation. Numerous society members serve on the editorial board and are highly encouraged to publish in this journal which addresses the niche area of bridging the gap between orthopaedic basic science and orthopaedic clinical practice.


I am proud to lead an essential and growing society that serves the Chinese orthopaedic community for the betterment of not only China but the world.


Prof. Chen Zhong-Qiang


Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Society




隨著學會成立,會員間已建立多個研究合作,會員已能夠在骨科領域上建立自己的地位並發展其事業,而且會員已出版及翻譯書籍、舉辦活動以及支持慈善捐款及計劃。2013年,學會很榮幸可以協助建立骨科轉化期刊(Journal of Orthopaedic Translation)。多名學會會員在編輯委員會任職,並獲力邀在期刊撰文。期刊在填補骨科基本科學與骨科臨床實踐之間差距具有重要作用。






In The News

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Sep 21-25, 2016


The 9th International Congress of Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons


Sep 19-22, 2016

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